Los Gallos Show

Saturday, July 18, Los Gallos head coach Adolfo Ortiz presented an exciting day of amateur boxing at the Senter Recreation Center in Irving, Texas. Ortiz should be applauded for putting on a well-organized and quick-paced show. He also deserves a standing “O” for bringing in gyms from Mission, Texas, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Guerrero Boxing Club).

Afternoon Bouts

  1. Angelica DeLeon
    Angelica DeLeon

    (BFN 50) Angelica De Leon / De Leon vs. Makayla Carton / Premier (De Leon by decision.)

    Before the referee started the fight, these young fighters circled each other giving each other a mean look. As mean a look as two eight-year-old girls can give each other. I got quite a kick watching the two young princesses battle it out; it really was an exciting fight. In fact, I was sitting next to official Roland Gamez who was judging the fight and he remarked how tough these two “young boys” were. I corrected him and said, “They’re girls Roland, not boys.” Gamez, the great official that he is was just aware of the color of the corners and not the names of the fighters.

    After the fight Angelica kept her fighter’s mug on her face, even after she was announced the winner. Still Angelica is as cute as a button. I interviewed her after the fight and she told me it was her decision to box. She asked her dad to allow her to fight. I asked her if her mom worried about her boxing, as she was saying no, mom was shaking her head yes. She gave me a big laugh when I asked her who she sparred with and she replied matter of factly, “Boys.” Little Angelica stole my heart, before I left for the day I asked her mom could I get a hug. That’s what parents do. [One more side note about this fight, as the girls were awaiting the decision, Makayla looked directly at me with all the confidence of a true warrior, and winked at me.]

  2. (BN 70) Aaron Morales / Morales vs. Christian Puga / Mission, Texas (Morales by decision.)
  3. (BN 75) Marcario Moreno / Guerrero vs. Andres Cervantes / Freedom (Moreno by RSC 2nd.)
  4. (JN 95) Luis Angel Garcia / IPAL vs. Favian Morales / Morales (Garcia by decision.)
  5. (IO 101) Hector Valdez / IPAL vs. Rey Torres / Knuckle Up (Valdez by RSC 1st.)
  6. (SO 106) Ernesto Delgadillo / Los Gallos vs. Alex Vialobos / Hip Pro (Delgadillo by RSC 3rd.)
    Pookie started the fight like a whirlwind, then stopped as quickly as he started knowing he could start up the whirlwind again whenever he wanted. Between rounds, Pookie seemed to be playing to the crowd. In the beginning of the third, he started working the body, which was the beginning of the end for Vialobos.

  7. (SO 110) Regelio Valdez / Vivero vs. Carlos Adame / Los Gallos (Valdez by decision.)
  8. (FJIN 110) Cynthia Garcia / Los Gallos vs. Alexandra Arzabala / Young Guns (Garcia by decision.)
    These two young ladies went at it toe-to-toe for the entire three rounds, each giving as good as she got. I have friends that always say to me, “I want to see girls fight” I know now to tell them they need to come to an amateur show.

  9. (IO 125) Leroy Perez / Mission, Texas vs. Martin Morales / Morales (Perez by decision.)
  10. (Open 132) Francisco Maros / HOC vs. Vicente Hernandez / Guerrero (Maros by decision.)
  11. (IN 141) Michelle Ramirez / Los Gallos vs. Miranda Martinez / Lone Star (Ramirez by decision.)
    Michelle Ramirez of Los Gallos was impressive. She seemed calm and in charge throughout the fight. She was content to counter and she made the best of it. Again, she was impressive.

  12. (Open 152) Ivan Zubieta / IPAL vs. Lydell Rodes / Guerrero (Zubieta by decision.)
  13. (Nov. 165) Daniel Pedreza / Eagles vs. Marquis Boston / Rock Solid (Pedreza by decision.)
  14. (Open 165) Enrique Neira / Premier vs. Chris Adkins / GPAL (Neira by decision.)
  15. (JN 75) Jonathan Rodriguez / Ignacio’s vs. Alex Davis / Guerrero (Rodriguez by decision.)

Evening Bouts

  1. (BN 65) David Lubano / Eagles vs. Carlos Casterona / Young Guns (Lubano by decision.)
    This fight was the most exciting of the day. There was non-stop punching from both of these young boys. But, Lubano had the better ring generalship, something judges look for in amateur boxing. Lubano seemed to have a feel whenever he was in a corner or was getting close to having his back against the ropes, way beyond his years. Even as Casterona was continually moving forward.

  2. (BN 65) Brandon Rivas / Sapartans vs. Jose Rodriguez / Ignacio (Rivas by decision.)
    What I remember most about this fight was the great sportsmanship both of these young men demonstrated. Hats off to both of these young men and their coaches.

  3. (BN 70) Anthony Rodriguez / GTO vs. Xavier Aguilar / Los Gallos (Rodriguez by RSC 1st.)
  4. (BO 75) Noah Jones / TX Select vs. Jose Davila / Young Guns (Jones by decision.)
  5. (JO 70) Isaiah Hunt / Eagles vs. Miguel Nunez / Vivero (Hunt by decision.)
  6. (N 85) George Vargas / De Leon  vs. Noe Araiza / IPAL (Vargas by decision.)
  7. (Open 132) Victorian Cardoza / IPAL vs. Salina Rivera / D-Town (Cardoza by decision.)
    The first fight of the evening may have been the most exciting to this writer, but this fight drew the biggest reaction from the crowd and Cardoza seemed to have the biggest following of the day.

  8. (Nov. 132) Cyron Robinson / Spartans vs. Jackoby Caldwell / Paulie Ayala (Robinson by decision.)
  9. (IN 110) Steven Cortez / Los Gallos vs. Miguel Gonzalez / Fort Worth (Cortez by decision.)
  10. (SO 125) Jesse Rocha / Freedom vs. Alex Lopez / Lone Star (Rocha by decision.)
  11. (Nov. 125) Brian Reynolds / Knuckle Up vs. Marlon Loyd / GPOL (Reynolds by decision.)
  12. (Nov. 141) Jacoby Powell / Young Guns vs. Gilbert Rodriguez / Westside (Powell by RSC 2nd.)
  13. (ISO 106) Jonathon Padilla / Padilla vs. Baldito Ramirez / De Leon (Padilla by decision.)
    The loudest fan for this fight was Ramirez’ baby sister Nicole Suarez, shouting almost non-stop from the bleachers, “Go Baldi, go Baldi.”

  14. (Open 132) Anthony Sales / Tarrant PAL vs. Brandon Steele / Fight Time (Sales by walkover.)
  15. (MISN 114) Estevan Espinosa / D-Town vs. Christopher Garcia / Colossus (Espinosa by decision.)
  16. (Nov. 201) Ray Orr / Eagles vs. Tomarrius Good / Greer (Orr by RSC 1st.)

Good show Los Gallos, we look forward to your next one.

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